Huskies, possibly NFL in Haskins’ future

Rose BowlInterviews Dec 29 2018 4077
Dwayne Haskins answers questions about the Rose Bowl and his future.

LOS ANGELES — Dwayne Haskins spent the past few months writing his name across the Ohio State and Big Ten record books.

Because of that, the Buckeye might be the first quarterback selected in the upcoming NFL draft.

So as he prepares for Tuesday’s Rose Bowl game against Washington, the Buckeye’s signal caller is also dealing with questions about his future.

“I’m just blessed to be a Buckeye. Whether that’s coming back or not, it’s just a great opportunity for me,” the Heisman Trophy finalist said. “I’ve got to the 15thto make a decision, so I’m taking my time.

“A lot of people dream about playing in the NFL and people don’t get to really achieve that. I’m one of the few people that get to so I’m just taking it all in.”

Haskins leads the nation with 4,580 passing yards this season and 47 touchdowns. In the process, he has claimed 20 Ohio State and Big Ten records.

He wants to keep his offense firing for one more outing.

“You want to put on a show every game and this helps us, the last game of the year and one of the best defenses in the country,” Haskins said. “It gives us all the incentives to want to go out there and play well.”

The top target for Haskins this season has been Parris Campbell. The senior has 992 yards and 11 touchdowns so far this season.

“We all knew how fast he was, but as far as his route running and him tracking the ball, he’s worked on that tremendously throughout the off-season and it’s paid off for him,” Haskins said. “(I) feel like he definitely showed scouts or NFL people that he could catch the ball and he could run good routes.”

One thing Haskins had working in his favor the past two seasons has been offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day. Prior to coming to Ohio State, Day spent two seasons coaching quarterbacks in the NFL.

“I feel like he definitely taught me how to be a pro and handle the offense and game planning throughout the week,” he said.

In preparing to take on Washington and wrestling with his future, Haskins is also trying to enjoy the trip to the Rose Bowl.

“Really, just being the best quarterback, best leader I can be for this team and trying to find a way for the seniors to go out with a win, for coach Meyer to go out with a win and to have as much fun as possible here in L.A. is really my main goal here.”

Rose BowlInterviews Dec 29 2018 4043
Dwayne Haskins talks about the Rose Bowl.

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